Vastu shastra Ideas for a Rented residence


Renting a house doesn’t imply you need to forego the advantages of historical Indian architectural science, Vastu Shastra. Vastu Shastra is a observe that focuses on designing areas in concord with nature’s components to advertise positivity, power, and steadiness. Even in a rented residence, adhering to Vastu Shastra rules might help create a harmonious dwelling surroundings that promotes well-being and tranquility. On this article, we are going to discover Vastu Shastra ideas for various rooms, doorways and home windows, balcony and open areas, in addition to treatments to mitigate any adverse facets of a rented residence.

Vastu Shastra Ideas for Completely different Rooms

Vastu shastra Tips for a Rented home


Kitchen – In line with Vastu Shastra, the kitchen symbolizes well being and well-being. Ideally, it ought to be situated within the southeast nook of the home, which is the zone of Agni (hearth). This placement ensures that the cooking range can also be within the southeast path. Moreover, the water supply or sink ought to be within the northeast path to forestall direct collision between water and hearth components.

Bed room – Bedrooms are sanctuaries for relaxation and leisure. Vastu Shastra means that the main bedroom ought to ideally be within the southwest path for stability and power. The mattress ought to be positioned in a manner that the top faces south or east. It’s suggested to keep away from inserting mirrors straight reverse the mattress, as it will possibly result in unrest and battle.

Dwelling Room – The lounge is an area for social interactions and household time. Vastu Shastra recommends having a north or east-facing lounge, as these instructions are thought of auspicious. If in case you have heavier furnishings, place them within the west or south path. Digital home equipment ought to ideally be positioned within the southeast nook.

Vastu Shastra Ideas for Doorways and Home windows

Vastu shastra Tips for a Rented home


In Vastu Shastra, doorways and home windows should not merely architectural buildings, however power portals. The primary entrance is especially important, as it’s thought of the face of the home. For optimum power stream, goal for an east or north-facing entrance. Doorways ought to open inwards to permit constructive power or Chi to enter.

Home windows play an important function in making certain the stream of pure mild and air. Ideally, they need to be positioned reverse doorways to assist steadiness the energies inside the home. Moreover, it’s endorsed to maintain the home windows clear and well-maintained to maximise their useful results.

Vastu Shastra Ideas for Balcony and Open Areas

Open areas like balconies, terraces, or gardens are vital for making a constructive ambiance. Vastu Shastra suggests having a balcony within the north, east, or northeast path, as these areas are believed to soak up constructive photo voltaic and magnetic energies. To additional improve the stream of constructive vibes, contemplate inserting inexperienced vegetation in these areas. Keep away from preserving trash or litter in these areas, as it will possibly block constructive power.

Vastu Shastra Cures for Widespread Issues in Rented Properties

In a rented property, implementing all Vastu tips is probably not attainable attributable to structural limitations. Nevertheless, there are treatments that may assist mitigate any adverse results:

For Incorrect Entrance

If the principle door is within the south, south-west, or south-east, you need to use a Vastu Yantra or a Trishul, Om, Swastik Yantra on the doorway to negate the adverse results.

For Bed room within the North

Vastu shastra Tips for a Rented home


If the bed room is situated within the north, you possibly can place a metallic wind-chime within the room or a bowl of salt within the northeast nook to soak up any negativity.

For Kitchen within the North or Northeast

In case your kitchen is within the north or northeast path, you possibly can place a Vastu Yantra close to the range or a copper wire across the pipe of the gasoline cylinder to cut back any adverse affect.

Extra Vastu Shastra Ideas for a Rented Residence:

Lavatory – The toilet is an important a part of any residence. In line with Vastu Shastra, it’s best to have the lavatory within the north or northwest path. Be sure that the bathroom seat will not be positioned dealing with the east or north path. It’s advisable to maintain the lavatory clear, well-ventilated, and free from any leaks to keep up constructive power stream.

Examine Room/Residence Workplace – If in case you have a devoted school room or residence workplace, it ought to ideally be situated within the northeast or east path. This placement is believed to boost focus, focus, and total productiveness. Prepare the desk in such a manner that it faces east or north for constructive power whereas working or learning.

Colours – The selection of colours in a rented residence can have a big affect on the general power stream. In line with Vastu Shastra, earthy tones similar to beige, mild yellow, and cream are thought of splendid for creating a chilled and balanced environment. Keep away from utilizing darkish and intense colours, as they’ll create a heavy and stagnant power.

Lighting – Correct lighting is essential in Vastu Shastra. Be sure that all rooms in your rented residence have enough pure and synthetic lighting. Pure mild helps to uplift the power and create a vibrant environment. In areas the place pure mild is restricted, incorporate heat and mushy synthetic lighting to create a comfortable and welcoming surroundings.

Vastu shastra Tips for a Rented home


Artwork and Decor – Choosing acceptable artwork and decor gadgets can contribute to the constructive power in a rented residence. Select art work and ornamental items that evoke pleasure, inspiration, and constructive feelings. Keep away from displaying pictures or sculptures depicting violence, sorrow, or negativity, as they’ll affect the general power throughout the area.

Furnishings Placement – In a rented residence, you might not have full management over the location of furnishings. Nevertheless, attempt to organize the furnishings in a manner that enables without cost motion and a harmonious stream of power. Keep away from blocking pathways or inserting furnishings in a way that creates obstacles and disrupts the pure stream of power.

Sustaining a Clear and Muddle-Free Area – Retaining your rented residence clear, organized, and free from litter is important to keep up constructive power. Muddle not solely hinders the stream of power but additionally creates a way of heaviness and stagnation. Recurrently declutter and take away any pointless gadgets to create a extra vibrant and uplifting dwelling surroundings.


Renting a house doesn’t imply you possibly can’t profit from the rules of Vastu Shastra. By following Vastu Shastra ideas for various rooms, doorways and home windows, balcony and open areas, and implementing treatments the place attainable, you possibly can create a harmonious dwelling area that promotes positivity, happiness, and peace. Simply as digital platforms like Jugyah make discovering a rented residence simpler, embracing Vastu Shastra rules could make dwelling in these areas extra balanced and joyful. Bear in mind, a house, whether or not owned or rented, ought to be a spot that radiates positivity and nurtures your well-being.